How to Remove Chickenpox Scars?

Scratching chickenpox blisters excessively can lead to damage. When the skin’s damaged by deep wounds, the body produces tissues that are thicker than the skin in order to repair it, which is also known as scar tissue. These days, there are a lot of people who seek new ways on how they can fade or get rid of chicken pox scars, especially when it’s on the face. So you are finally decided to lighten these scars and bring back your confidence, if that so, be sure that you have looked at all your options on how you can treat the scars left by chickenpox virus.

Number 1. Retinol – this is an extremely powerful derivative from Vitamin A and also, clinically proven for boosting the production of collagen. In a study carried out by scientists and experts, they found out that glycolic acids as well as retinol on acne scars can deliver at least 90 percent chance to improve your skin condition. Applying retinol cream to the scar every night before sleeping will help in stimulating collagen in that particular area. However, if you find it a bit irritating, then you may do so every other day.

Number 2. Exfoliants – exfoliation helps in removing the old or dead skin cells which makes room for better and younger looking skin. Exfoliating the scar can help in removing part of the rough or pigmented skin. The truth is, exfoliation is available in two different types and these are the chemical and mechanical. Now in the latter, this one includes face and body scrubs, brushes and some other tools. The application must be done in a circular motion directly on the scar.

Number 3. Scar removal creams – OTC or over the counter scar removal creams has different combinations of ingredient that’s known to reduce or prevent scars. Even though there is just few clinical evidence of it, there are many people who are using it and find it very useful in terms of removing chicken pox scars.

The product you chose will be based if your scar has been there for a while or if it’s new. To have assurance that you are only buying and using the best chicken pox scars removal, then it is better if you’d talk to your dermatologist first and ask for recommendations.

You can get the treatment solutions mentioned can be bought over the counter. Simply put, you can easily get it. If none works for your chicken pox scars removals, there are professional treatments that you can try too such as punch excision and excision, fillers as well as microneedling.

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